Once upon a time...

From the depths of Nightmare Manor comes Nancy Nightmare and the Wizard, an alternative horror pop/rock duo from Los Angeles. With musical influences that range from alternative rock to cabaret, they bring a macabre sense of humor to every spooky song that they write.

Nancy Nightmare and the Wizard started releasing videos of their original music to YouTube in 2015. Whether it’s a song about witches and vampires or a Christmas song about Rudolph going on a murderous rampage, they always put an original spin on spooky themes and imagery. All songs are co-written by the ghoulish duo, with Nancy Nightmare on vocals and The Wizard on guitar.

With 10 songs already released on their YouTube channel and a lot more on the way, they are well on their way to recording their first album. Their 8-song EP Welcome to the Nightmare Realm will be released on October 15, 2017.

Until then, they will keep conjuring new music on their YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/c/nancynightmareandthewizard.


Stay Spooky!